What is the Challenge about?

In order to take on anything in our lives we have to love ourselves first which is why we are challenging you to write one thing you love about yourself for thirty days.

Our Step into the New You challenge is the perfect
way to jump start your year with a boost of confidence! We understand
how hard it can be to make and keep resolutions, but this challenge
gives you a clear plan to follow. Our weekly mini challenges , which will be fun, encourage
event deeper reflection and can help you identify areas where you can
make adjustments that will have lasting effects. Self confidence should
come from within, so why not do something good for yourself, join us and
complete the challenge today!

The Challenge starts January 22nd!


Why you need this Challenge

Life is ever changing and navigating each change of life can be challenging. One thing I know for sure is that it is always better to connect with other like minded women for help and advice. You will meet great women who are strong and always looking to be their best selves.

There will be connection, parties and prizes. The plan is to connect with each other, learn from each other and have fun doing it!

Ready to start your Challenge?

Hi There We are Sleevesinabag and Steel Pony

Steel Pony is a company that likes to help women stand out on their crowd and show their unique style, Sleeves in a bag has the same mission but is focused on a product that helps women stay warm when they need to in a convient way. So many women I talk to say they do not buy sleeveless because they do not want to show their arms or when they walk into a cold restaurant they hate to freeze. My mission is to make sure every woman is comfortable.

I decided to do this challenge because I feel we need connection and support that only we as women can give each other. I want to help lift us all up with your help. I hope you will join us.


Q. Do I have to do all the Challenges to Win a prize?

A. No, but the more you do, the more chance of winning, plus you will be missing out on all the fun.

Q. Do I have to show up at the lives?

A. No but in order to win prizes, you have to be live.

Q. I don't have a printer to print the pledge card. Can I still pledge?

A. Of course. You can do it digitally. You can take a screen shot and post it.

Q.If I missed the deadline to join, can I still join the Challenge?

A Yes. You can start anytime. Our goal is to inspire and have FUN.